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Beauty Spotting Challenge: Discovering Your Own Unique Happy Places

Beauty Spots, seeing through new eyes



Dad was always really great about making something out of nothing.  He is one of my inspirations for art and in this case, for reflecting on a new perspective... 

When I would visit my Dad he would always make a perfect cup of coffee and offer cookies to go with it.  He had two cookie jars, a recycled plastic contain filled with the “cheap” dollar store sandwich creams and a pottery jar, filled with the expensive Archway Molasses.  

I think of that cookie jar often, it was in the shape of an old 1940s car (my dad has passed since).  The simplest of things bring back the most precious memories and feelings.  

Dad liked to sit outside when at all possible and find his beauty spots. he would say, "Lets go find a nice spot to sit" it was always a magical experience for me. As we settled down with our tray tables, coffee, and cookies, I felt a sense of calm wash over me. The fresh air, the rustling of leaves in the wind, and the chirping of birds created a symphony of soothing sounds that seemed to melt away any stress or worries from my day.

But it wasn't just the natural environment that made these moments special. It was the connection with my dad that made these beauty spots truly beautiful. As we chatted about life, shared stories, and laughed together, I felt a deep sense of joy and contentment that is hard to describe. It was like we were creating our own little world in that beauty spot, a world of love and happiness that was just for us.

How beauty spots have shaped me into who I am today

As I look back on those moments now, I realize how much they have shaped me into the person I am today. They taught me the importance of taking time to connect with nature and with the people we love. They showed me that beauty can be found in the simplest things, and that it is up to us to seek it out and savor it.

So, whenever I need a little pick-me-up or a reminder to slow down, appreciate the moment  and get a new perspective, I think of those beauty spots with my dad and the soulful connection we shared there.

There were times where we would be sitting in a perfect beauty spot and Dad would say, “let’s move over there, that looks like a nice spot!” I would always think ‘no, this is fine why do we have to move’, but once we would move to the new spot, we would see life from a new perspective. It was amazing how the ordinary became magical, just by moving to a new beauty spot!


It is amazing how your perspective can change and become magical, just by moving to a new beauty spot!


We would enjoy conversations about local and world situations and everyday things like food and drink. I have amazing memories of those times with Dad and his little dog.  He had couple of Boston Bull Terriers over the years; Barney Google and Billy Bob. I know, the names are unreal! 

When you look into my collage art you will see the ‘beauty spots’ reflected in my work and many places in my life!  

Dad was an artist and my biggest fan, he would sit and examine each piece very carefully and was in awe of the complexities in them, he always loved looking for the fish

Look at this piece below that I created as an artistic beauty spot.



Now that Dad is gone, I am carrying on his tradition and his wisdom. When I sit outside or inside, I try to find a new beauty spot to change up my view of the ordinary and gain a new perspective.

Here are some of my beauty spots I've found over the last few months.



Now, I challenge you to find your beauty spots!

A beauty spot can be anyplace that brings you back to present and gives you joy.  It can be a shared experience in this place or a solo adventure.  It can be as simple as a corner in your living room, or a wonderful beach!  

Beauty Spots are like art, they can change your perspective, be willing to step out and try something new, who knows, it may change your view forever!

Look in your yard and take a chair to a far corner, place it and sit for a few minutes, how do thing look from this space, how do you feel?

I have to force myself sometimes to step out of my usual spots as I can be a creature of habit when i choose to adventure out i am always glad that I did.

How do you know you found a beauty spot?

The way you feel and see a moment and place in time is individual to you - when you feel something inside... joy, happiness, even sadness, then you know you've found a beauty spot that is all yours.

Tips for remembering your beauty spots

You may want to journal your thoughts and feeling while you are in the different beauty spots.

Another way to remember your beauty spot is to take photographs.  

If you're an artist, why not paint or draw the beauty spot!