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Family is Everything Gnome Christmas Card

Family is Everything Gnome Christmas Card

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Just as gnomes love their little gardens, they also have a thing or two to say about family. Be it a cheerful mom, a crafty dad and their adorable children, or young kids having a blast building snowmen—this unique Christmas card is just the one to let your loved ones know you care.

This card is part of my new Save the Earth series of one-sided cards.  The idea is to use less paper with a one-sided card. You can still write a message on the back as you would with a postcard.  Save the Earth cards can be used as 'trading cards', for framed prints or to post on your bulletin board.

The original of this piece is a hand-cut paper collage created by Claudia.

Note cards/greeting cards, perfect for framing, are professionally printed on high-quality paper. 

Includes a white envelope

Size: 5x7” or 4x6” one-sided blank card.

Blank on the backside to add your personal message.  

Printed in the USA